Myriam Montemayor Cruz Biography

Myriam was born in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León on February 8, 1981, her parents with Mr. Juan Antonio and Mrs. Maria del Refugio. She is the seventh daughter of a family of eight siblings, her siblings are: Marylin, Corina, Irasema, Verónica, Juan Everardo, Cristina and Víctor, who died (qepd)

Myriam really liked watching cartoons like Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, The Thunder Cats, and Katy the Caterpillar.

Myriam studied dance classes and also singing classes since her biggest dream was to be an artist. She really liked going out with her friends and she loved going bowling and going to the movies. Another thing that he also liked a lot because it was riding a horse, which was what he did on vacation …!

Later, when Myriam was a little more prepared due to her singing and dancing classes, she decided to follow the path of music. It was then when I work in Groups like Obseión, Sban dal, Conspiración, Ebony and Ivory, Liberation and Compass where they entertained all kinds of Events.

Myriam’s favorite food is without a doubt pizza and macaron with chicken and cream. He admires great personalities such as Celin Dion, Whitney Houston Madonna etc. But without a doubt the person he most admired was Pedro Infante and to this day he continues to be the best for our royal. His favorite movie was Titanic and Sex, Shame and Tears.

When Myriam was in the Compass group, she was given a great opportunity on Mexican Television, a new project which was organized by Tv Azteca in which the doors were opened to enter the world of music to many young people, among them, Myriam. This project was called “The Academy”

In this Reality Musical, Myriam had to face very big challenges with which Myriam knew how to deal with and in the Final, she was profiled with First Place in the National Auditorium, where people stood up to applaud the new artist of Mexico.

Then there was a new challenge, which was to compete again with his peers in the “Star Challenge” and with other young people who were from The 2nd Generation Academy. Myriam in this program managed to reach the final again where she obtained Third Place, where people did not agree with that result as she wanted First Place, but have a first, a second or a third … things do not change … because she gets the place she is, Myriam will have and will continue to have the love and admiration of her audience, which is what really counts.

Today, Myriam is one of the most recognized stars since her singles have been in the first places of popularity of radio stations, be it from Mexico, the United States and more.

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