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Jennifer Lynn Lopez (Bronx, New York, July 24, 1969) is an American actress, singer, businesswoman and fashion designer. With his first 7 albums, he has reached 55 million copies sold. In the entertainment world, she is also often referred to as J.Lo. She is the richest person in Hollywood of Latin American descent according to Forbes magazine, and the most influential Hispanic artist in the United States according to the list of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” published by People magazine in Spanish. He was born in the borough of the Bronx, in New York City, in the middle-class Castle Hill area. Born to Puerto Rican parents, his father, David Lopez, was a computer scientist, and his mother, Guadalupe, a nursery teacher.

They lived in the Bronx and had two other girls, Lynda and Leslie, older than Jennifer. Jennifer, since she was little, dreamed of being an artist. At the age of seven, she began a tour with her dance class in New York City. At sixteen she got a small role in the movie My Little Girl. After a year and a half of auditions, she finally found work on a tour that took her to Japan. Before leaving, she auditioned for the In Living Color program. She did not get the job but, upon her return from Japan, the program called her for a new test. This time he got the job and went to Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez dreamed of landing a starring role on television.

A producer on the series South Central took an interest in her and gave her her first acting job. South Central was canceled after one season, But Jennifer Lopez found work in other shows like Second Chances and Hotel Malibu. In 1995, she entered the cinema with a supporting role in the film My family, directed by Gregory Nava, and later she obtained the female lead role in the film Assault on the money train, alongsideWesley Snipes The experience of the latter film brought him more jobs and opportunities in 1996, as he worked with actors like Robin Williams in the film Jack, and with Jack Nicholson in the film Blood and Wine.

In 1997, Jennifer Lopez rose to fame by starring in the movie Selena where she would play the late singer Selena. The film was released on March 21, 1997. She earned a million dollars for her performance, becoming the best Latin actress. paid until then. His work on Selenareceived positive reviews, thus obtaining a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in 1998. That same year she co-starred in Anaconda directed by Luis Llosa alongside figures such as John Voight, Ice Cube and Owen Wilson, being nominated for the Saturn Awards as best supporting actress. . He would also work in U-Turn (Turn to Hell), along with actor Sean Penn and directed by Oliver Stone, and with George Clooney in Out Of Sight (A very dangerous romance), a film in which Jennifer earned two million dollars.

But Jennifer did not forget her great dream, which was singing and dancing, so in 1998 she sent her demo to several record companies and Tommy Mottola, then director of Sony Music, became interested in her after seeing the filmSelena J. Lo signed a contract with Sony Music and got to work with producer Corey Rooney, who had worked with Mariah Carey Céline Dion and Destiny’s Child On June 1, 1999 she released her first album, called On the 6, in honor of the New York subway line that he took every day to go to his singing and dancing classes. The album debuted in the “top 10” on the Billboard. His first single, If You Had My Love, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. He also released a single for the Latin market called No me ames, a duo he did with the singer of Puerto Rican origin, Marc Anthonythat he would become her husband 5 years later.

This duet also reached number one on the Billboard Latin Tracks for 10 consecutive weeks. His second single in English called Waiting For Tonight reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. In August 2000 his film The Cell, starring Lopez and Vince Vaughn, was released.which debuted at number one at the box office, being the first film starring Jennifer Lopez to reach it. On January 23, 2001, his second album, J. Lo, was released, which was the nickname used by his fans. This album debuted at number one in sales on the Billboard Hot 200 and set a Guinness record as she was the first artist to place a number one album in sales, at the same time that a movie starring her achieved the same in that week.

This film was The Wedding Planner, his first romantic comedy. The first single from said album was the song Love Don’t Cost A Thing, which once again reached number one on the popularity charts. This album was re-released on July 24, 2001 to add I’m Real Remix, a song that was placed for 5 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.Chayanne Dame. The song is on Jennifer’s album called J.Lo and is in Spanish. Also for the Spanish language I put out a song called If it’s over, that song is on the same album. In May 2001 his film Angel Eyes was released, starring with James Caviezel.

In February 2002 he released his Remixes album J to tha LO! The Remixes, which debuted at number one on the Billboard hot 200, as well as their first single Ain’t It Funny Remix (Feat. Ja Rule, thus setting two records: for being the only singer to have a number one selling remix album, and for being the only one to have a number one selling remix album at the same time as a song. In May 2002 his film Enough, a film about domestic abuse, was successfully released. On November 26, Jennifer released her third studio album called This is Me … Then which achieved excellent sales, reaching number two on the Billboard.

Her first single, Jenny From The Block, became a hit in several countries and featured in her video with her fiancé Ben AffleckHis second single All I Have reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and participated in it, rapper LL Cool J. In December his new romantic comedy called Maid in Manhattan was launched, starring with actor Ralph Fiennes with which J.Lo manages to participate in another number one movie at the box office. In 2003, her criticized film Gigli was released in which she starred with her then fiancé Ben Affleck. The film was a resounding failure at the box office. Jennifer Lopez shot two other films that summer, ¿Bailamos? and A life ahead. In March of that year the movie Jersey Girl was released where she made a brief special appearance as Ben Affleck’s wife.logically Jennifer did not attend the premiere of the film, which had a modest gross.

In February of that year, she asked her friend Marc Anthony to help her produce a new version of the famous song “Sway” performed in the 50s by Dean Martin, and that Jennifer would interpret for the soundtrack of her film Shall we dance ?. Friendship turned into love, and they married in June of that same year to the surprise of everyone. His film ¿Bailamos? Is released in October. who starred alongside Richard Gere and Susan Sarandongetting excellent reviews, and a good box office worldwide. The funny thing was that the Miramax company ultimately decided not to use the song “Sway” performed by Jennifer and produced by Marc AnthonyWell, Jennifer did a salsa version with Latin touches, and they wanted an uptempo dance version of the song.

In 2005 Jennifer returns with her fourth studio album called Rebirth, as she felt reborn after having overcome the Affleck scandal and the failure of Gigli. The album was released on March 1, and debuted at number one on the World Chart, selling nearly 650,000 copies worldwide in just one week, and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 200. His first single called Get Right, which had a fusion of Funk and Pop, reached number one on the popularity charts. However Jennifer unexpectedly stops promoting, there are many rumors of fights with the record company, and the album plummets in the sales charts. Only two singles were released, since Jennifer preferred to work completely on her first album in Spanish.

In May 2005 his third romantic comedy called Monster In-Law (The Groom’s Mother) was released, for which he was paid $ 15 million. Said tape debuted # 1 at the box office, showing that Jennifer had overcome Gigli’s failure stage. And in the fall of that year, the film An Unfinished Life was finally released in which he starred withRobert Redford and Morgan Freeman This low-budget film earned Jennifer rave reviews for her role. In the summer of 2005 Jennifer began filming the film Bordertown where she would also be the executive producer with her company Nuyorican Productions. The film starred Jennifer and Spanish actor Antonio Banderas the director was the same director as SelenaGregory Nava. The film is about the murdered women in Ciudad Juárez, (Mexico).

It was banned in Mexico and to date it has not been released in that country. In the United States, it could never find a distribution company, therefore it will be released directly on DVD on January 29, 2008. In January 2006, “El Cantante” was filmed. , a film based on the life of the controversial Puerto Rican singer from the 70’s Héctor Lavoe. Jennifer, in addition to being the producer of the film, was also the protagonist playing “Puchi”, Lavoe’s wife, and the singer Marc AnthonyHe masterfully played Héctor Lavoe. In January 2006 he released the song Control Myself where he sang again alongside LL Cool J, after All I Have.

This song is the first single from LL Cool J.’s new album and reached # 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, setting a record for the song that has returned the highest to the Billboard chart, thanks to the sale of the iTune. 2007 is the year Jennifer’s foray into the Hispanic market with her fifth studio album and first work entirely in Spanish, called Como ama una mujer. The album, which was produced by Estefano and Julio Reyes, went on sale on March 27, debuting as number one in sales and considered the best-selling Spanish album in a week by a newcomer singer in that language.

The 1st single was “What did you do?” which reached number one on the Billboard Latin Songs and his video was the first in Spanish to reach number one on the MTV English channel. The second single “I need you” was released until the summer of that year with no other promotion than an excellent video clip where Jennifer plays a policewoman who falls in love with a criminal to catch him, but in the process she truly fell in love with him, and he regrets the trap he made for him.

The album Como Ama Una Mujer became the second best-selling Spanish album in the world in 2007, only followed by “Papito” by was released until the summer of that year with no other promotion than an excellent video clip where Jennifer plays a policewoman who falls in love with a criminal to catch him, but in the process she truly fell in love with him, and regrets the trap he made her . The album Como Ama Una Mujer became the second best-selling Spanish album in the world in 2007, only followed by “Papito” by was released until the summer of that year with no other promotion than an excellent video clip where Jennifer plays a policewoman who falls in love with a criminal to catch him, but in the process she truly fell in love with him, and regrets the trap he made her .

The album Como Ama Una Mujer became the second best-selling Spanish album in the world in 2007, only followed by “Papito” byMiguel Bosé In September 2007, Jennifer goes on tour for the first time, accompanied by her husband Marc Anthonyand together they travel the United States and Canada with unusual success, ending in November in the city of Miami, where, by the way, at the end of the concert Jennifer confessed to her thousands of fans present that she was pregnant. Jennifer released on October 9, 2007 her new album in English, called Brave, which is her sixth studio album but her fifth in English.

The first single was Do It Well, a very catchy pop song that was released on August 21 of that year to all radio stations and was number one on the Billboard Dance Chart. Due to Jennifer’s pregnancy and she is on tour, she does not do much promotion of the album, so it debuts very low in sales, adding the fact that the first single does not take off on the radio and the video was not liked by the fans. In December of that year it was launched in Europe & Asia “Hold It Don’t Drop It” as the second single from the album Brave, accompanied by a spectacular video where the pregnancy of the American diva is not noticed.

This song reached the number of the Billboard Dance Chart. For the US market, the second single would be the song Brave, of which there is already a video filmed that was directed by Michael Haussman, the same one who directed it in the video for “What Did You Do”, but there is no release date yet. radio. In January 2008, Jennifer released “Por Arriesgarnos” the third single from her Spanish album “Como ama una mujer”. In the video we can see a collage of images from Jennifer’s concert tour in 2007 and behind-the-scenes scenes from those concerts. On February 22, 2008 Jennifer gave birth to twins.

The girl came into the world at 6:12 in the morning (Spanish time) and weighed almost 2.5 kilos. The child was born thirteen minutes later weighing 2.7 kilos. They are Lopez’s first children, while her husband has 3 children from previous relationships. The girl’s name is Emme Marbiel Muñiz and the boy is Maximilian ‘Max’ David Muñiz. J. Lo. He gave the exclusive of her and her twins to People Magazine for $ 6 million. Jennifer’s plans after recovering from her pregnancy are to star in the movies The Back-Up Plan, and The Governess (The Governess). In addition Jennifer is preparing a hits album to celebrate her 10 years as a singer, which will include all her hits from 1999 to 2009, but will include new songs that she is currently recording with producers such as Timbaland, Bryan Michael Cox, The Matrix, Swizz Beatz,

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